Pawsitively Amazing Pet Care Services

Giving the Love and Attention Your Furry Friend Deserves

Professional Pet Waste Removal, Dog Walking, and Pet Sitting provides premium quality care for all shapes, sizes, and breeds of dogs. Currently, serving Dallas dog‑lovers with important pet services, such as poop scooping, dog walking, and pet sitting. K9 Junkies is certified and specializes in the care of dogs.

Our dog services are competitively priced and are carried out by our fellow dog‑loving K9 Junkies. If you need a high standard of dog care including dog walking, pet sitting, or yard pet waste removal, is the place for you.

Our Pet Services Include:

Pet First Aid and CPR Certified Specialists

Insured Specialists with Background Checks

Rain or Shine Walking with Waste Pickup and Paw Cleanup

Lots of Hugs, Rubs, and Kisses!

Currently Serving Dallas, Texas and Other Areas Including:

The benefits of regular dog walking are decreased levels of pet boredom, digging, aggression, and chewing. Consistent dog walking socializes your dogs with other dogs and people, making your pets friendlier, happier, and more balanced to help prevent unexpected situations that may present themselves outside the home from even occurring.


We follow all the necessary safety precautions to keep your loved ones safe; here are some tips to always remember:

  • During high‑temperature weather, especially if your dog spends a good amount of time outdoors, it is of great importance that you not leave his/her water dish in the sun for too long. The water can reach temperatures hot enough to physically harm your pet. Try placing ice cubes in your pet's dish, preventing the water from reaching such high levels while giving your canine a bit of fun as well.
  • When walking your dog, try walking him/her in areas of grass rather than areas of pavement. The pads on the paws of dogs are tender to hot surfaces, much like us.

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